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Braces accumulation type industrial fast door adopt the folding ways to upgrade and multiple built-in horizontal wind rod, the wind pressure can be evenly distributed in whole door curtain, the wind resistance to far more than the average roller-type fast door is especially suitable for large logistics channel and the mouth of the hole, more strong ability of wind. I company accumulation door series products can be widely used in need temperature control, noise control, hygiene control environment. Rapid accumulation products with opening door speed, intelligent control, flexible, open and features, including (magnetic control, radar control, infrared photoelectricity, buttons, remote control, etc.)
Color: various colors available, color fastness 7-8 class; Tensile degrees: 600 N / 600 N (via/weft);
Tensile strength: 4000/3500 (via/weft) N / 5 cm; Suitable for temperature: : ?~ 70 ? Wind load: 180 N/m ̔;
Fire prevention level: European standard M2 DIN 4120 B1
?PVC transparent window, thickness of 1.2 mm, also can do the whole transparent door curtain with;
The power system: Germany SEW motor, 220 V / 380 V, frequency 50 HZ, IP55, power of 0.75 KW-1.5 KW, low rashness sound, take power brakes, manual brake release;
Control system: all adopt the international famous brand PLC and inverter, stable performance, and the application of variable frequency technology more greatly improve the product use efficiency and life, delay closed adjustable, interface are complete, external various auxiliary equipment, the latest generation of gear deceleration control, accurate and stable, durable.
Structure material: 2.0 mm thick high quality cold-rolled steel plate shape once pillar, seamless roller and 1.2 mm thick cooling-plate box cover, electrostatic spraying, aluminum oxide level strengthen stem, brush seal platoon type;
Opening and closing speed: 0.5 m/s-1.5 m/s; Standard configuration: import infrared protection device, the control system and the auxiliary switch.
Optional configuration: to magnetic induction, radar induction, remote control or manual leash, etc.;
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